Lal Kitab Expert

Many believe Lal Kitab to be an ancient book from Persia with unknown authorship. In relevance of modern times, Lal Kitab is a famous publication of five successive volumes published between 1939- 1952. The author of the book who has written it in interesting verses of Urdu and Punjabi is Pt Roopchand Joshi (1898 - 1982). While it is acknowledged that he wrote the book based on his own study of physiognomy, astronomy and by some divine inspiration. Irrespective of the claims, Pandit Roopchandji is known to be the foremost master of the art, who made his work public through his books.

The placement of various types of signs, symbolic of each planet is marked out and detailed planetary position is depicted in the chart. The native problem is analyzed by looking at the horoscope. Influences of planets are derived out of their positions in the respective houses. Cause of the trouble is singled out. Then accordingly certain remedies are suggested to encounter malefic effects of the particular planet. The Sutras explained in the book guides every interpretation.

Lal Kitab`s central theme is to diagnose problems by studying the chart of a person and providing simplistic solutions to him. Lal Kitab needs no formal introduction. It is popular amongst neophytes and masters of astrology equally. The enamored of the remedial measures of Lal Kitab and the astrologers who suggest them take pride in them. The measures are too simple to be explained in detail and too typical to be understood by an intelligent human being. Whatever be the facts they are quite effective and cannot be just given up for their simplicity. Rather they bring credit to him who suggests them.